My Real Life Grocery Cart

Thanks for stopping by You As A Cook. I hope the information you find on this site is useful to you and your health. I will continue to update the content of this site as my journey unfolds.

I created this website for myself as a place to collect and store all the information that I refer to on a daily basis. I do this because I am deeply interested and passionate about living a healthy life. Enjoying life means being well to enjoy every stage of it. I also wanted to build a resource for my kids so that they could be included in managing their health right from the start.

Because I spend a lot of time researching, updating, photographing, uploading, experimenting and designing recipes I welcome the opportunity to earn something for my efforts. I have included a donate button, should the kindness of strangers be compelled to contribute to my real life grocery cart!

Square Donate Button

With many thanks, Kathryn.



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