NON-Dairy “Milk”

Hemp & Oat Milks

The term milk is also used to refer to white-coloured, non-animal beverages similar in colour and texture such as coconut milk, soy milk, rice milk, hemp milk etc.

As an alternative to dairy, non-dairy “milk” is readily available in supermarkets. Under this heading you will find a listing of non-dairy milks and easy to follow instructions to make your own, which helps to reduce post-consumer waste which inevitably ends up in landfills.

This way we can make what we need and cut back on the entire cycle of production benefiting our health and planet in the process.

Once you make your own milks and taste the difference you won’t believe why you settled for anything else!

How to Make:

Almond Milk

Hemp Milk

Oat Milk

Rice Milk

Soy Milk



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