Lucuma Powder

Lucuma Fruit

Lucuma Fruit

The Lucuma fruit is grown in South America. It tastes like a cross between maple and citrus.

In powder form it can be used as a low glycemic natural sweetener.

Lucuma powder

Lucuma powder

It is not as sweet as sugar, for example, each 4g (per teaspoon), cane sugar represents 4g of sugars.

Lucuma powder, for each 12g (per 2 teaspoons) there is 4g of sugars.

As a result when used in baking, you will need to double the amount of Lucuma powder in place of what your recipe calls for in sugars, however, Lucuma is considered to have such a low-glycemic index that it still is a better choice over other sources or sugar.

BUT remember that sugars are sugars and in the scheme of things, for optimal health, we should limit our consumption of sugar in any form.

To consider any sweetener as a healthy alternative to ‘sugar’ is misleading.

I have yet to experiment with Lucuma powder. I will try substituting it in my muffin recipes. AND only use it on a 4-Day rotation.

Organic Traditions® suggests combining Lucuma Powder with Sprouted Chia Powder to make a nutritious flour substitute for baking.



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