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Have A Direction

The Path

I like having direction. I have asked around and most people agree that having direction or knowing what they are doing seems to be a comforting and manageable state of being.

But there is a distinction between having direction and being told what to do. In my years of experience in the Fitness world and outside of it, I have come across many individuals who have told me that they just want someone to tell them what to do. In essence, that they do not want to think about what comes next or even learn enough about how to move their bodies. They just want it to be easy and brainless – automatic; wanting results without any discipline, learning or effort. I have had clients tell me that they wanted their body to “look” as though they were an athlete even though they didn’t have time or want to dedicate the time to become one.

I hear this with respect to food as well. “I don’t want to think.” “I don’t have time to think about what to prepare.” “I wish I could just buy ready made meals, so I could be healthy without thinking about what to buy and make.” “I wish someone could do it for me.”

When I think of direction, I automatically think about actors and directors. A director’s job is to orchestrate the performers. If the performers cannot follow direction then they are useless to the project. If the director has to stand beside the actor and feed him his lines and constantly emote for him, the director may as well play the part himself. In other words, the director helps to bring out the best the actor has to offer, but he is not the puppeteer.

Each of us has to play our part.

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