Your Water Footprint

As individuals we need to be aware of our responsibility to ensure that we have clean drinking water, now and for our future. We need to consider how we use this precious gift and be mindful to conserve and preserve its purity. Global access to safe drinking water has improved, however, there is still approximately one billion people who lack access to safe drinking water and more than double that who do not have access to decent sanitation. One estimate suggests that by year 2025 more than half of the world’s population won’t have access to safe drinking water. This is frightening. For every ‘man-made’ step forward we seem to be leaving landslides of damage in our wake.

Our Planet Earth

We can do better.

Even though water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, most of that is salt water. We need freshwater to survive. If we are not more careful we risk sabotaging our own existence.

Here is an example of how much water we use to produce certain items, in the name of creativity, success and health:

  • Making ONE T-Shirt uses 2,495 Litres of water, which is equivalent to flushing a toilet 250 times.
  • Making ONE pair of jeans uses 9,982 Litres of water, which equals watering your lawn for 9 hours!
  • Making a hamburger uses 2,393 Litres or water
  • Making a loaf of bread uses 48 Litres of water
  • Making ONE sheet of paper uses 13 Litres of water
  • Making ONE pint of beer uses 170 Litres of water
  • Making ONE bowl of rice uses 2,497 Litres of water

And the list goes on. Visit Imagine All The Water to see what you can do about reducing your water footprint and do your part in ensuring clean drinking water for everyone.


“Your choices make a world of difference.

Do you want to live life to the full while respecting nature?  Then Generation Awake is for you.  It’s all about opening our eyes to our consumer choices and the consequences they have on the earth’s natural resources.  When you’re part of Generation Awake, you’re aware that your choices not only change your world, but also the planet.”


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