Pancakes & Waffles

Rice Flour Pancakes

I have been experimenting with making pancakes for quite some time. I have come up with so many variations, it seems as though I have a different pancake for any day of the week. Some mornings I will make two different batches, one for each kid, not because they are finicky, but because we are adhering to the 4-Day Rotation Meal Plan via ALCAT. I have figured out how to make small batches so as not to have any leftovers and I have also figured out that when I do make too much batter, that it stores well in the refrigerator up to four days (in a glass, food safe container).

Under this heading you will find a drop-down menu of my collection of pancake recipes. They don’t all puff up like the traditional whole wheat version, but surprisingly, some do. And I have come to accept that by changing ingredients around is going to give different results. I embrace these changes and try not to make everything taste like the original.

All these wonderful grains have very unique flavours, textures and nutritional qualities worth exploring. Following the philosophy of a 4-Day Rotation Meal Plan makes for truly eating a diet full of variety.

Food never tasted so good!


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