Like most things moderation seems to be the key. As I am finding to be true with all food groups, it is the same with red meats. Limit your intake. Practice eating a variety of meats and be cautious about how you prepare your food.

“Red” meat is from adult mammals, “white” meat is from fish, fowl or poultry, despite the colour when raw or cooked. People used to think that “white” meat was healthier, but that general guideline no longer applies.

In the article linked below, you will find some practical advice on cooking methods, cooking/ heat sources and temperature.

A reader asks Globe and Mail‘s registered dietitian Leslie Beck the question:

  • I love my steak well done, but I’ve heard that medium rare is healthier. Is that true?

Click here to read the answer: Medium rare or well-done. Which kind is healthier?




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