Hemp “Milk”

Hands down, making Hemp Milk has got to be the simplest and easiest. Even on busy mornings I can whip up a batch of fresh hemp milk for pancakes.

Homemade Hemp Milk

What you will need:

  • 2 Cups Fresh Water
  • 1/4 Cup Shelled Hemp Hearts
  • Cheesecloth or Nut-Milk Bag
  • Blender

Shelled Hemp Hearts

What you will do:

1) Fill blender container with 2 Cups fresh water

2) Add 1/4 Cup shelled Hemp Hearts

3) Blend for one minute until smooth

4) Over top a large mixing bowl, strain through a Nut-Milk Bag, Cheesecloth or sieve.

5) Transfer strained Hemp Milk to a clean glass container and refrigerate for three to four days. (Though I usually make just enough to use fresh for that day).


I was able to find Shelled Hemp Hearts in the bulk section of my grocery store, using a reusable bulk food bag.

When squeezing milk through the Nut-Milk Bag, first be sure to have clean hands. Your hands will get wet with milk and you don’t want to contaminate your efforts. Press gently and slowly from the top downwards.



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