We should be so grateful for the bounty available to us. But instead of gratitude and practicing moderation our oceans and lakes suffer for our convenience and greed.

Not only must we consider with what we fuel our bodies for our health, but the effects those choices have on the environment; in particular how such seafood is collected and the carnage of sea creatures not destined for consumption but discarded in the process.



“The world has enough for everyone’s need,

but not enough for everyone’s greed .”

― Mahatma Gandhi.


Visit this link to join the Seafood Pledge to eat for healthy oceans.

But there is more to consider, let’s itemize:

  1. Seafood Pledge via Sustainlable Fisheries/Oceanwise Seafood Selection List
  2. Careful selection for individual health; avoid high risk seafood
  3. Caution to not over consume even safe products. Mercury levels in fish is dangerous. Visit NRDC to understand which fish should be avoided and for those that are considered safe, find out how frequently it is safe to consume those fish. You may be surprised.

As individuals, through the choices we make, each of us is the Earth’s Best Defence!


How do you fuel?

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